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Design meets need

What do you wish to fill your home with today?

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Mixing work and play effortlessly

An ideal home office builds out ease and comfort with appropriate accessories and surroundings. Working at home is an efficient process and the office needs to complement this feeling. Design this space to eliminate hindrances and to accentuate your work habits and routine.
Start by sketching out your plan for the area you'll use for an office at home. The home office must be large enough to accommodate the desk, chair, computer, office furniture, and other equipment you'll require. It should have good flooring, adequate lighting, and power outlets to meet every need. Depending on the dimensions of your office, you may consider storage options as shelves or drawers. Make sure that the space plan for your office space does not affect your current home's overall design and layout.


Look into revolving chairs and tables that are at the eye level. Incorporate a window to allow for natural lighting. Check on accessories and stationery for a better organized work space. Ensure furniture colours and patterns allow for a vibrant flow of energy in the room.


You could go with subtle muted colours that keep the environment relaxed. Dark colours strain the eyes and hinders the brain with unnecessary brightness. Select wallpapers with a nature motif for a more natural setting while wooden planked walls are a popular and smart choice.


Trendy home offices enhance the beauty of the room. Tiled floors are also a good pick and make the room look larger and spacious. Lighter tile shades allow you to focus on work.


Incorporate drawers for better storage management. Ergonomic chairs build better posture and a larger office table comes in handy when hosting business clients and guests.

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