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A kitchen consisting of various modules (cabinets) fixed together form a modular kitchen. The same can be assembled and disassembled many times without any damages caused.
Since it is composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement it is called modular.
A carpenter converts the site into small workshop and fabricates everything manually. Modular kitchen is manufactured only to be assembled at the site.
Layers of Veneer (skin of timber) are peeled and cross layered each other veneer together to form a ply. Likewise what we call marine ply which is water resistant. There are two types of marine ply:
  • BWR (boiling water resistant)
  • BWP (boiling water proof)
Wooden chips compressed together with resin and other additives at an optimum temperature forms a particle board.
We use E1 P2 grade of a German brand which are widely used by most of the European companies worldwide including India.
This is because the E1 P2 grade boards are European and are not manufactured in India. Also because the pulp of the wood what they use is not available in India.
Fine particle of wood mixed with resins and other additives form a MDF panel. Most MDF panels are used for door applications due to its smooth finish.
We use laminates of 0.8mm thickness from one of the leading brands in the country.
  • We use D3 (water based soluble glue) to bond ply and laminate through a process which never peels off.
  • Hot process – at a desired temperature.
  • Cold process – at a room temperature.
  • We use hot press and not cold press.
A kitchen consisting of various modules (cabinets) fixed together form a modular kitchen. The same can be assembled and disassembled many times without any damages caused.
MDF provides a very smooth surface to bond with the laminate, veneer, melamine, arko cell, CPL and PVC. Hence to derive a high quality finish MDF is used also because it has got a high hinge holding capacity.
It’s basically fear which has aroused due to wrong application of hardware in the Indian market, hence the perception of MDF not good. Nowadays Indians have started accepting MFC/MDF shutters because right hardware application is being used and the desired results speak for themselves.
We don’t use laminate in the doors. Instead, other materials for each variety of shutters like melamine foil, PVC foil, Lacquered and veneered materials are used.
  • For carcase we use 0.8mm ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) edge banding.
  • For shutters we use 2mm ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) edge banding imported from Europe.
It’s done by machine wherein we use FORMALDEHYDE glue granules to bond the panel and edge banding.
We use SS 304 grade of Indian make and MS Chrome of Italian accessories are used.
We have OEM supplies for the same.
It takes 3 weeks for production and inspection, 2 weeks for installation and 1 week is keep as buffer.
Since our kitchens are made up of high quality components because of which we confidently provide the 5 year warranty.
After the warranty period you can still avail the services but at a cost
  • Cleaning of the cabinets can be done with dampen cloth by using Colin etc.
  • Never clean the cabinet by flushing water into it.
In which case you should always focus on quality boards, hardware and accessories and our kitchen would be ideal for it.
  • Life of modular kitchen is derived from the quality of the board used, hinges and also its construction.
  • If quality is maintained with a proper usage the shelf life is more.
As long as you have the similar layouts it can be used. Failing which you need to fabricate or increase the number of cabinets.
No we don’t renovate but we can remove the existing kitchen and lay a new kitchen bought from us. The charge for dismantling is extra.
  • Chimney suction power is derived based on the kitchen size and also depending upon the model you can choose from.
  • We suggest either 90 or 60cms.
  • We only install chimneys bought from our store.
  • Depending upon your cooking frequency can choose from 4 or 5 burner.
  • We only install hobs bought from our store.
Since each layout will be different you don’t get any price benefit however if all the orders are placed together we can consider an additional discount.
A kitchen made up with a stone structure is called a civil kitchen.
Till 2009 we used to make them but off-late we have stopped doing so although a civil kitchen can be considered if the area of considerable size.
A kitchen with shiny, trendy look is a modern kitchen while wood grain look is known as a classic kitchen.
It absorbs the smoke and the greasy air like a vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t leave the smoke or greasy air outside the chimney area hence resulting in a healthy cooking.
Exhaust and chimney both work on power. Chimney doesn’t leave the contaminated air out as it is situated above the cooking area, whereas exhaust fan removes the contaminated air. Both go hand in hand.
We provide water groove so that the water drops down and doesn’t damage the cabinet.
Yes surely, we can do the same nearby your site area with a prior appointment from the existing client.
We take money because we need to pay our vendors and so that the sourcing cycle is not broken. We have been making kitchens for the past 9 years and have a good satisfied database which in itself is a convincing factor.
We quarantine not only on the trust factor and also because our industry is a referred business wherein we can share our clients work completion certificates to understand our dedication to every project.
The basic kitchen starts from 1.5L INR onwards. However the kitchen pricing is derived on various other parameters.